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Email Marketing

Marketers are sending out more Emails than last year! Are you wondering whether Email Marketing is still a viable strategy for marketing despite the increasing popularity of search and Social Media. Email Marketing indeed continues to surpass other channels in terms of ROI. For every dollar you invest in marketing via email, you can be expecting a return.

As the ROI of marketing has become the focus of attention, Marketing Professionals must be more efficient and more petite. In the case of reaching your Ideal Customers and prospects, the email channel continues to be a popular choice with the most reach of any other medium. Did you know that emails are home to nearly three times the number of user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? There's a reason that your inbox is always stuffed with promotional emails.

I was really stressed out until I met Ethos Imagination, they helped me with their Digital Marketing strategies to gain profits in my business, that changed my life.

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Send Emails that Genuinely Click. Your inbox is constantly churning out new emails. How do you stand out from the mass of emails? The importance of content strategy is evident. User-Behavior Analysis, Content Customization, Deep Targeting, and Hyper-Personalization play a role. Did you consider that 89% of Marketers view email to be their primary method to generate leads? Marketing through email has advanced. Due to advances in technology, they enable you to accomplish many more things within a shorter period. All you have to do is be mindful of making the necessary adjustments to ensure an offer.

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Whether you're starting your first marketing email campaign or an experienced marketer, we can provide you with the expertise you require to shine and design successful emails that generate results. From providing whitespace databases for mailers to tracking and marketing automation tools for optimizing your Email Campaigns by A/B testing, we've got everything covered in every corner and crevice.

Our edge Make yourself stand out from the crowd by reaching out to your potential customers in the best ways they can see, ensure that the strategy for content is in place and that the interaction is personalized and specific. Campaign-specific landing pages to improve your campaigns and get more conversions by utilizing landing pages that motivate users to take action.

EMAIL ADVOCACY Transform your customers into advocates. Use a nurturing approach to draw the attention of your potential customers.

DRIP EMAIL CAMPAIGNS: Make use of automation to create campaigns that are in sync with your brand's image and operate according to your customers' preferences.

DATABASE THAT CONVERTS: Access on-demand B2B databases. It's an ideal solution for every Marketing Campaign. Marketing via Email can be effective in boosting B2B sales. When done correctly, Email Marketing can be successful. The click-through rate within the B2B ecosystem is 47% higher than B2C. Additionally, 59% of B2B professionals view marketing via email as the most profitable source of revenue for their marketing.

Best Time to Send Email The best time to send emails that increase open rates or click rate as well as sales. The timing of emails is vitally important. For example, emails sent on Monday’s and Thursdays between 12-3 pm are thought to be secure and reliable. In addition, the epidemic has transformed everything, and the statistics are constantly changing. Therefore, it is best to research your campaign and develop a timetable that works to the goals you wish to achieve. a good email open rate a high open rate for emails can range from 15 to 21%. The result is largely contingent upon the strength of your databases, the industry benchmarks, the subject text of an email and the type of product, and, of course, the audience profile. ADVOCACY electronic newsletter it's the standard type of email that companies typically send to their subscriber's group to help keep their subscribers informed and updated on the latest information about announcements, new products, and services. It is mainly targeted to cultivate prospects and ensure that they are always at the forefront of their minds.

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We've gotten positive feedback on the quality of our electronic mails and flow. The last open rate for the set of emails was rough ~32%, which is above industry standard.


Email execution has been impeccable. Even with Ethos Imagination starting right afore the incredibly diligent holiday season, they were able to accommodate all of our electronic mails without any issues. Revenue engendered from email marketing matched antecedent year's numbers, even in a challenging environment with 2020


Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate incremented by roughly 50%, and our open to click rates all incremented. The ROI was about 25 to 1 Zero complaints, our resources were not wasted hiring Ethos Imagination.


Email execution has been impeccable. Even with Ethos Imagination starting right before the incredibly diligent holiday season, they were able to accommodate all of our electronic mails without any issues.


The results of this engagement are precisely what we had hoped for and Ethos has been a great partner. The email campaign was a big hit.


Since working with Ethos Imagination we have visually perceived an incrementation in open rates within our active subscriber base.


They streamlined our process, and our marketing goes out on time. Ethos Imagination does what they verbalize they’re going to do, and they offer a premium product at a fair price. We’ve incremented our revenue by 140% since we commenced working with them. The accommodation has paid for itself.


Ethos Imagination has been wondrous to work with. They have expeditious turnaround times with very few if any issues we fine-tune on our terminus. The goal was to have coded emails to send to our subscribers and with the pace, we are working at, that turnaround time is critical.


We have had great progress with our welcome, re-engagement, and cart abandonment campaigns. We have received enough data from these in order to proceed with further development and transmutes to the campaigns


We used to get emails regarding broken links and template designs, differing fonts, and issues with mobile responsiveness. Those complaints have ceased thanks to Ethos Imagination.


They’ve taken care of an exigent need with facileness. We’ve been comfortable from the commencement, and, as our scope has grown, we’ve developed a more vigorous and more vigorous dialogue. Together, we address all needs/issues and move forward in lockstep.


We’ve already visually perceived paramount results. For instance, our PPC has incremented. The Ethos Imagination team has been very responsive, communicative, and auxiliary


The quality has been excellent. We have a challenging case in that we’re a minute company, and One 10 Media has availed us to deduce our messaging, which requires an abundance of experimentation and testing.

Murli Krishna

They have incremental revenue coming in from email marketing. They’re very professional


We profoundly relish automation so far. They bend over backward to make the process as smooth and propitious as possible

Sai Sheshank