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Event Marketing

What if your brand is unheard of? What if the audience is unaware of your Planned Event? What if your event has quite a number of participants? Sounds like the event is a big flop right? We know how critical it is to reach the right set of audiences. Don’t worry! We at Ethos Imagination have come up with a solution for you. Yes! We will save you from such situations with our Expert Event Marketing Strategies

In today’s corporate world no individual has a track of current trends, the only way to keep yourself updated is by attending events that provide information about these days industrial demands. Events are the platforms that give an opportunity to build your network, know your clients and maintain a good relationship with them. Ethos Imagination Event Marketing Services can benefit both the business and the attendees by creating awareness of the trends.

"Ethos Imagination is highly responsive and imaginative. It's like having an internal team of marketing and publishing. They are experts in marketing, and they aid us in getting the job accomplished."

Ittihad Legal Consultants
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With years of experience understanding the digital world, we can help you to reach the targeted audience by creating an Event Promotion Campaign and spreading awareness of your brand through all social platforms with well-qualified content. We serve all kinds of Industries, be it Industrial Events, Trade Shows, Conferences or Seminars, B2B and B2C Events, we are here for you.

How does Ethos Imagination Advertise your Business?
Our experts in Digital Marketing, advertise your Event on various free social media platforms and run organic and paid campaigns. To create a qualified list of attendees, our Tele-marketing team fetches the data. A Project Manager will be assigned to manage the entire Event Marketing campaigns Once the marketing strategy is planned, we execute it and keep track of the results till the end date of the event.
Our Event Marketing Services include
Social media marketing We connect with the target audience through various social channels and keep them engaged with quality information that can help in growing your brand awareness and drive website traffic organically.
Email marketing From the data, we list out, we set an email marketing campaign and send emails to the ideal audience and keep a track of the respondents.

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While working with Ethos Imagination, I surely have confidence in the Quality and Bandwidth provided to clients. This time when I got the work done from Ethos Imagination for my personal project, I was elated to have a pulchritudinous website and Design work.

Karan Kumar

Ethos Imagination developed and designed our website and looked after our SEO needs. Albeit we are predicated in the UK, they always did their research to keep things as authentic as possible. The account manager has always been vigilant and got jobs done as expeditiously as possible. Overall, they are a very good company to deal with and would highly recommend them


The collaboration process and workflow worked authentically well. They were flexible on plans and made themselves available proximately any time I needed something. They are facile to work with, flow with, change with, get ingenious with.


They were entirely dedicated to us and to our goals--even while we were authentically only one minuscule client in their portfolio. These are the kind of partners you desire, no matter how astronomically immense or minuscule you are


The breadth of knowledge that they had about all the different aspects of technology was invaluable. The project could’ve gone 50 different ways, but they were great at getting us on the right path thanks to their expertise across everything. We never could’ve got those results if we’d assembled a cast of different vendors; we simply wouldn’t have been able to pull it off.


I can’t think of anything. Realistically, I couldn’t expect them to do better. It was a crazy, wildly ambitious, last-minute project, and they knocked it out of the park.


They were very responsive. We communicated through typical tools like email, phone calls, and texts. They were forward-thinking, and they took it upon themselves to get to the next step


They utilize Basecamp, and we were able to collaborate pretty seamlessly. If we ever needed anything, we could always reach out to someone. The communication aspect was very good. As long as they had enough time and there were no crazy curveballs, there were no issues with deadlines.


In integration to communication, their receptiveness to feedback was an astronomically immense thing. Whenever we shared feedback with them, they were able to adjust and accommodate what we wanted. They were flexible and communicated well


With each project, there are different and concrete key metrics that we identify. Overall, we’ve had positive results. From an ingenuity and functionality standpoint, we’ve been ecstatic with Ethos’s output. Because of this, we orchestrate on perpetuating our partnership with them


I’ve worked with an abundance of agencies, and Ethos Imagination was probably the best project manager that I’ve worked with. Their project management was superior, categorically because we had a tight timeline.


I appreciated their work ethic. We had a very tight timetable since we had to distribute the POC on a concrete day, and we were still requesting changes 48–72 hours aforegoing life. At no point did Ethos Imagination verbalize they didn’t have enough time. The final part of the project was over a holiday weekend, and my perception is that their team worked over the weekend to distribute the POC on time. They understood what we wanted to do.


Their project management was impeccable; it was impeccable. The Ethos Imagination team distributed everything they verbally expressed they’d distribute. Likewise, when we ran into challenges on our cessation, they availed us to deduce solutions. They held our hands at every step


They exhaustively owned and committed to the project, going above and beyond to slake us. Overall, we were impressed not only with their technical excellence but with their integrity.


The outreach they availed us get was fantastic. We deduced about 300 people that signed up for the conference, and because it was done virtually, we had attendees from China, Indonesia, Australia, and all over Europe.