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Digital Marketing Services for Hotels

Ethos Imagination provides Digital marketing services for hotels in establishing and maintaining your hotel's online presence. These include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and other search engines. For more bookings, higher visibility, and, most importantly, a solid brand name in the marketplace.

"Ethos Imagination is highly responsive and imaginative. It's like having an internal team of marketing and publishing. They are experts in marketing, and they aid us in getting the job accomplished."

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What are the Hotel Online Marketing Strategies

Place your hotel's details on Google. Google My Business, also called GMB is an important tool,used to grow your business online, It is similar to creating your E-Card for your company.
Website for Hotels? An online hotel site that displays the amenities and everything else your hotel has to offer. Just like the way we designed the hotel's website to accommodate one of our customers:

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Mobile Website Optimization The majority of people prefer to access information on their smartphones instead of on a desktop. Websites with mobile capabilities are highly suggested by people who use smartphones.

SEO is the backbone of websites by strengthening your online presence. Hotels that rank in the search results in the top positions invest more in their SEO.

Focus on local SEO Your company's presence in local search results that include locations near your hotel. Google maps is called Local SEO

Ads and more Ads! The listing on these search engines including Social media presence such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and using it to its fullest

Social Listening keeping track of your social media accounts for mentions or promotions for highlighting your company's image.

Make your story heard through video. The videos must provide a 360-degree view of the hotel, earning the trust of guests by offering preventive measures like cleaning the rooms, screening for COVID-19 measures

YouTube SEO YouTube SEO involves enhancing your channel, videos or playlist to be more prominent within the relevant results for a search

Must not forget Email Marketing. Through email marketing, you'll be able to communicate with guests by sending them an email before their arrival and providing them with advice on selecting the most suitable amenities that meet their budget. Helps you stay in contact after your guests have left your hotel with mail messages.

Profit from the Influencer Marketing Influencers can assist you in promoting the hotel they like on their social media platforms and by engaging their followers via your blog.

Make sure you follow the latest trend: Chatbots. Create chatbots that can answer your customers' questions and messages, lead them towards booking, ensure that you are available 24 hours a day, and keep in touch with guests

Keep your Online Reputation. Remaining a positive online image is an essential aspect of your hotel's Online Marketing Strategy.

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We were able to engender and implement a comprehensive marketing plan which included incipient logo, packaging, website, digital marketing, and PR. It avails us to differentiate ourselves from our key competitors. and build our retail and foodservice business.


The most impressive aspects of Ethos Imagination are their attention to detail and how they function as a team. They authentically care about their clients and their prosperity. There have been many times Ethos Imagination themselves has reached out to me just to physically contact base and ascertain that all was well. There is a personal connection that is unique to Ethos


Clients have access to project managers and the technical team. This gives confidence that all needs are being met and everyone is on the same page.


Our utilizer economic metrics have got better month on month, over the first 2 months of being on the market we have visually perceived 200+% and 100+% magnification in each month, as well as immensely colossal gains in other utilizer economics


In terms of deadlines, it’s been very positive. Ethos Imagination is quite expeditious, which is good because our process is very fluid. Every time we come up with an incipient strategy, they’re there to provide the ingenious and execute the campaign. They’ve always been on point in terms of distributing what we opt for them to distribute from a timeline perspective.


Super impressed with the team Ethos Imagination and quality of the final product. Very professional, on time, communicates in a timely manner, and has astonishing conceptions for the best marketing message. Thank you for your exuberance. I can't thank you enough for your avail with the project. They understand the ingenious side of the film and are magicians when it comes to tight timelines and astronomically immense tasks. They always go above and beyond for us. Their work is fantastic and they make a great team together. Highly recommend it


Ethos Imagination has been active and has played a very critical role in incrementing our online overtness and lead generation from ad campaigns and organic search. We are perpetually impressed with their caliber of accommodation, professionalism, cognizance and consider them a key marketing partner in availing drive our business.


They are not only proactive and responsive but at the forefront of mentally conceived leadership in the search engine marketing space." And with their Team Coordinator are Impeccable at there work and they Give Expeditious Replication to our Query which Avails our Industry for Magnification.


Ethos Imagination has been managing our convivial media and ingenious designing for a long time now. They have enabled us to activate brand marketing along with enhancement in our brand overtness in the much-needed target market. It was not transpiring until we hired them. Results are good and they gave equity to a brand like ours. Additament to this teams are astounding to work with and who are yarely available to fortify always anytime. Cheers to team Ethos.


We have entrusted the Ethos Imagination team over the past year to handle portions of our SEO and Online Marketing campaigns for our F&B, rooms, and MICE. They have done an excellent job in all areas. They are a diligent, hard-working team. They are a team that genuinely cares and understands lifetime customer value and is disposed to go the extra mile if indispensable.


My overall experience with them for engendering revenue for my hotels was astonishing. They have a good revenue team to give you suggestions on customary substructure what competition is doing and what course of action to be taken. Never verbalize any posture is there which gives extra confidence. Keep it up.


They have been great in availing us to streamline our digital marketing. Being fixated on hospitality is one of their vigorous points and their team has been phenomenal in working with us to engender great content and utilize subsisting content


It has been a congeniality working with the team at Ethos Imagination. They are exhaustive professionals with their approach and are always available to guide us through this digital journey. Hoping to have a long-term partnership with Ethos and collaborate on achieving our respective goals. Thank you for your fortification.


We have been associated with team Ethos Imagination for 2 years now. Initially, we faced gaps in our SEO and gregarious media presence for which we hired Ethos Imagination to consult us and provide their expert accommodations. They made our website from scratch and are now handling our gregarious media and SEO which has given us a good transmutation in results in comparison to anterior years. Engagement on channels has incremented to a great extent and campaigns are going every month. Rankings on google have additionally been amended which has enhanced the overtness of our brand to great extent. We are jubilant with the accommodations of the Ethos team and highly recommend them. Thank You.