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Lead Generation

Get rid of the hassle of Generating Qualified Leads, Sales meetings, or Event attendees, and instead go right to selling deals. Ethos Imagination finds the most effective sales opportunities, so you don't need to.

Ethos Imagination is the most extensive B2B marketing and selling firm trusted by business owners around the globe to be their constant source of sales leads. Through their marketing arm from a distance, We assist businesses across industries such as IT and Software manufacturing, Management Consulting, Healthcare Finance, Advertising, and Marketing to discover the most effective leads and sales appointments with the highest chances of becoming profitable customers

The Ethos Imagination Team that has been given the campaign is exceptional. We hired Ethos Imagination, the last few months ago to assist us in our Lead Generation efforts. We've chosen to increase the number of Ethos Imagination resources we've allocated to our project since we're delighted with the results we've seen so yet, but we'd like to move further.

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With high-quality information, experienced staff, and a robust marketing technology stack, we will set your business for success by implementing account-based marketing the generation of leads, appointment scheduling as well as sales enablement software that work to help you increase your sales by delivering a constant flow of prospects to sales teams whether they are based in the office or working offsite

How Our Lead Generation Service Works Create and run successful Appointment setting and lead generation programs that are powered by our account-based marketing approach. Working in partnership with hundreds of clients across the globe over the past 15 years, we have gained invaluable experience and insight into what is most effective and yields outcomes. Identify Make an inventory of companies that meet your customer profile.

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Expand Examine critical stakeholders and potential prospects in target companies

Engage Connect with potential customers across all channels, using appropriate communications media

Convert Please make an appointment and then confirm it with the right people

We Help Businesses Grow As a B2B lead generation service company and a part of your business, we take on the tedious tasks of identifying and evaluating prospective customers on behalf of you. We warm prospects and deliver winning leads to boost sales and increase your revenue with targeted touch points across various channels.

Email Address Personalized Emails send Event relevant Emails

Voice The call is Open via the Intro Email. The ring is opened by follow-up email

Social Welcome to Connect send Follow-up Email

Chat 24/7 Businesses chat support forward qualified leads follow-up warm prospects via Call & Email

Website Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects you can classify possible customers who will visit your Website Follow-up views via Call & Email

Webinar Elevate the webinar Facilitate each webinar Scrutinize the performance of the webinar

Control leads Tracking the campaigns. Develop relationships. Make sure your marketing is operating across all the gears. Combining the strength of our marketing platform for campaign administration, Ethos Imagination Pipeline the highly-rated marketing strategies to create a more straightforward, seamless, complete customer acquisition process that will boost sales and increase your profits.

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We're blissful with the amplitude of research they've done. The database has been efficacious at availing us to find and validate our prospects' contact details.


We pristinely set a program goal of having Ethos Imagination engender a total of 150 appointments for us. That alone would’ve been a prosperity metric for us, but their team has exceeded our prospects by setting over 200 appointments. More importantly, these appointments were of high quality.


Ethos was able to engender more appointments than we had managed to prior, even during a down period of time as well as engendering multiple levels of exposure that will avail with long-term marketing plans.


Ethos Imagination has met our prospects by working strenuously to distribute polished and cost-efficacious results. They have a dependable framework, and they proactively follow this to reward us with an average of 4–6 appointments each month.


Their methods have been very prosperous. We have a very high open rate on our electronic mails and many people have scheduled appointments. Since we’re able to reach more people, we’ve signed more deals as well. By partnering with Ethos Imagination, we were able to scale our outbound sales efforts very expeditiously.


We were able to quantify the prosperity of their work through data because they were so transparent. Every week, they showed us how many calls were being made and the replications. Our KPI was how many demos we wanted to book, and they exceeded that goal in the first month.


It’s been a good relationship so far, and our team has visually perceived a ton of leads from their team. Prior to hiring them for these accommodations, we were endeavoring to manage this process in-house. Their avail has made a sizably voluminous difference


I had a very good experience working with them. If they weren’t making the progress we’d hoped for, they acclimated. They made changes and suggested things they could do differently to endeavor and get more leads.


The quality of Ethos’s accommodation has been excellent. If anything, they wait for us, and we’re the ones who decelerate things. The team is very detail-oriented, they’re forward-mentally conceiving, and they get results


The quality of accommodation is pretty good. I’m very ecstatic with their responsiveness and the magnitude of meetings that they’re setting on my calendar, which is the main objective.


From March until now, they’ve engendered 75 appointments for us, which is substantial for B2B work, especially considering that we’re working with multi-family housing developers.


Ethos was exhaustive, and the quality of their work was top-notch. I doted their sales team. It’s incredible to have all of the lead lists that they engendered

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We’ve been working with Ethos Imagination for a while, so they’ve ameliorated the longer we’ve worked with them because they understand our business better and are able to ask good questions and deal with pushback.


It’s a nice supplemental piece to our sales and marketing operations to have these leads coming in consistently every week. We visually perceive a better return when we give them a target list than when they do the prospecting