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In today’s world, a flood of facts competing for our attention. How can communicators make their messages awesome in addition to creating a long-lasting impact for his or her companies? By taking note of information and your needs, we preserve your voice regularly together along with your emblem and join it with the human beings you need to attain withinside the maximum significant way. We make your message applicable in your stakeholders through well-crafted storytelling through newsjacking possibilities and innovative visualization throughout more than one structure and channel.

With many customers and audiences the usage of social media as their most important supply of facts, social media advertising gives the platform to construct a committed network and have interaction together with your clients, influencers, industry, and advocates. From innovative content, social media campaigns, and social media approach, we assist you hook up with your clients via means of crafting a social media approach to fulfill your advertising dreams and deliver your organisation a more and greater powerful social media presence.

They are incredible. Having them has helped our business grow by handling Media & PR relationships,which is the ideal situation. Ethos Imagination made it possible for us to reach where we desired. Thanks guys!


Education, Realestate, Healthcare, Public Affairs , Government, Automotive, Energy, Innovative Business. Ethos Imagination is the quickest developing public family members company in India, Ethos Imagination is on the middle level withinside the Indian PR landscape.

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With an eye fixed on the newest trends within the trade, Ethos Imagination ensures its shoppers are front and centre in the media. Ethos Imagination may be a full-service packaging firm and focuses on developing strategic campaigns that drive complete awareness and make industry buzz. We are already a recognized joint of the foremost prominent, sought-after leading PR agencies for startups.

Few different sectors providing services by us are Energy, Innovative Business, Corporate B2B, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, Education, Real Estate, Education.Executive profiling Issues and disaster preparedness and management, Stakeholder and authorities relations, Corporate social responsibility, Perception audit, Message development, Content advertising, Speaking and sponsorship possibilities, Press office, Launch events, Content advertising, Press conference, Hosted media trips, Media substances development, Opinion article development

Automotive Our company will be taking care of your vehicle, to book a vehicle from the app and after sales & services, Ethos understands customers' lifecycle in the automotive industry. With our team of experts and having key accounts, we have helped various clients with our experience by our PR strategies at the right time.

Company B2B Our robust PR strategy helps our clients business reach new heights by connecting with partners,customers,suppliers and investors which will steadily increase your business growth. Our services determine client' market position and numerous complete communication services.

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Ethos Imagination has been astronomically auxiliary in drafting thought leadership articles predicated on interviews with our management and getting them published on a wide variety of media, not compulsorily just from the space industry. Above all, they've been able to expeditiously understand our business despite its steep learning curve.


We expected the project to be remotely minuscule, but we ended up getting picked up by CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. We deduced about 85 million impressions following the engagement. The team far exceeded our prospects. It was way better than we expected.


We visually perceived a 50% increase in leads as a result of Ethos’s efforts, and our website traffic went way up. We were genuinely ecstatic with the results. We visually perceived our close ratio to go from 10% to virtually 27% with the leads that came in from Ethos Imagination, so they made our marketing more targeted.

Ganga Bahadur

Predicated on our desired impact from a PR perspective, we visually perceived vigorous results. For example, we had a press release earlier this year. Our goal was to have the relinquishment picked up by 10–15 major publications. We achieved that goal and influential publications inscribed entire articles predicated on the relinquishment.


We optically discerned positive results last year. At an air show, our goal was to get covered by 10–15 major publications and 100 articles indited. We achieved both of those objectives only because of ethos's marketing strategies


Their work led to a massive ROI for my company. Because of our appearances in top publications, our company tripled its revenue in five years without outside investments. All of our business was earned organically.


In the marketing world, it's hard to quantify the impact of a project because it's hard to attribute one thing to our prosperity. However, their work has availed us to get to the point where we can quantify some successes, including website metrics, which we couldn't track afore.


We’ve ameliorated all metrics across the board, from website traffic to conversion rates. We’ve optically discerned an incrementation in leads engendered, both in terms of marketing-qualified and sales-qualified leads. Virtually every metric has been amended.

Manogna Raj

One of our primary goals at the commencement of the project was to secure coverage in top web hosting publications like Hosting Journalist. Ethos was able to meet this goal on a perpetuated substructure and withal landed other top industry publications like Website Magazine


We grew our vigilance, web traffic, leads to our website, convivial following, and placement in leading news sources significantly. Our media presence significantly incremented, and the company commenced visually perceiving coverage in core fintech, business, and retail trades.

Ramu Baradwaj

We’ve used Ethos imagination for the majority of our PR outreach, and since working with them, we’ve grown the coverage of our institution by 300%. They’ve had a tremendous impact.


After working with them, we visually perceived an immensely colossal shift from company mentions to features in guest articles. Compared to the anterior year when we were working with a more immensely colossal, ecumenical agency, we more than doubled our media placements.


We found their findings to be very impactful. Ethos imagination identified a few things that we had cerebrated about but didn’t think were consequential. In fact, a couple of their recommendations wound up providing a good platform for other decisions and messaging strategies that we implemented


Ethos Imagination has ascended our quota of voice (SOV) score significantly over the past year. We’ve additionally gained multiple opportunities to appear in different outlets and publications


Ethos Imagination is now the PR agency we have on retainer. They’ve exceeded our prospects. We’ve obtained more PR placements in the last few months than we have in the 10 years since the company was pristinely founded.