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Retail Marketing

Ethos Imagination provides Retail Marketing Solutions for your field management works from all over the retail market. Our Team of Specialists is eager to pursue our Client’s key performance metrics in terms of Return On Investment like effective visual merchandising, the position of the market, including engagement of the customer

Retail success today requires business leaders to find the right balance of science, art and craft perfectly. Ethos Imagination can make it happen.

"Ethos Imagination is highly responsive and imaginative. It's like having an internal team of Marketing and publishing. They are experts in Marketing, and they aid us in getting the job accomplished."

Ittihad Legal Consultants

The retail landscape is evolving. Retailers work in a complex environment characterized by fragmented requirements and hybrid consumption, evolving channels, different types of formats, massive data, and real-time decision-making. Customers are becoming more demanding, and they are looking for everything - all the time and everywhere. Social media broadcasts news in the blink of an eye regardless of a great deal or a breach of promise.

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Establishing strong brands, creating appealing and relevant messages and promotions, and ensuring that Marketing ROI is more complicated than ever before. In the same way, new players, many of whom are pure online players, have changed their expectations

The field of retail marketing could never have been more difficult. However, it was not as satisfying as it is now. Retail Marketing and Branding provides an overview of the methods and tools to boost growth, control this complexity and balance analysis with pragmatism. Incorporating the latest trends in the field and incorporating the most recent and greatest of our developing knowledge, the new volume of Retail Marketing and Branding new chapter on the development of formats as well as promotion management. Completely revised chapters on Digital Evolution as well as Digital Marketing.

A few properties to be considered for Retail Marketing

Pricing: The retailer determines the price of a product and determines the price that the buyer has to pay for the item. Price plays an important role in the level of recognition that a product gets and, in particular, when customers think that its price isn't enough to justify its worth.
Locale: Placement refers to where the item will be sold. For instance, does the retailer have the ability to offer a product through its online retail store or in both? Furthermore, certain products are sold in specific shops (like supermarkets) but not in other shops (like department stores).
Promoting: Promoting tactics include public relations, Marketing, and exclusive sales (for instance, discounts or other special offers).
People: People refers to company representatives (employees or contractors) with whom customers interact within retail environments. They might be able to answer queries regarding products or provide information.
Presentation: Presentation Refers to the Experience-Based Design of Retail Space. The Presentation Elements include Furniture signs, Wallpaper, and Signage in the Layout of the Retail Space.

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Ethos Imagination is a digital marketing company with extensive experience of more than 9 years. They are the best agency delivering retail marketing services


Ethos Imagination helps manage the day-to-day for our ad channels in addition to executing tasks and campaigns. Their team works with us to manage bids, compiling reports to see where we are within a program so that we can make any adjustments. The main platforms are Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Aside from that, they also help out with our organic search efforts.


We’ve been satisfied since we started working with Ethos Imagination. Their industry expertise is outstanding. We know exactly what we’re willing to spend to acquire a new customer, and that’s the number we target. Ethos Imagination does a fantastic job


Our partnership with them focuses on Google Ads and ad spend. We recently started establishing OKRs based on leads driven by our Google Ad spend. Ethos Imagination helped us deliver those leads to achieve our goals. We collaborate on content and strategy, and their team helps us put together a copy too


The time spent with Ethos Imagination was propitious in a variety of ways from availing us cerebrate about our goal from an outside perspective to conducting the revelation phase and aurally perceiving from consequential internal voices that we had not auricularly discerned from afore to pulling it en masse into an achievable, focused plan.

Balram Kulkarni

They’re radical creatives. They’re able to visually examine things with fresh ocular perceivers and optically discern things other people don’t visually perceive. Then they bring that forward with the right visuals and messaging to appeal to people rationally and emotionally

Rahul Sharma

I would definitely recommend them to anybody considering them. I can’t imagine that they would take on a project that wouldn’t be prosperous because they come up with these radical conceptions that make clients feel like there are illimitable possibilities.

Rajesh chouhan

They got under the hood of our business very expeditiously. And though, with no major category experience, demonstrated their competency to not only keep pace but be a very efficacious sounding board. I had the opportunity to work directly with the partners, which candidly, may not be every client’s experience. It was very efficacious because we did this work within no time


The team has a thoughtful and deliberate marketing and strategy orchestrating process. It is conspicuous that the agency team is committed to our prosperity. We always get top-quality work from the Ethos Imagination team versus other agencies we have worked with in the past where it was pellucid the work was reactive or thrown together at the last minute


The Ethos team coalesces digital marketing, branding, and messaging expertise and worked arduously to deduce our business, sales process, and solution portfolio. This is why the day-to-day process was fluid and why we benefited from a continual ROI from our marketing investments


Ethos Imagination utilizes the best of the best resources. Everything that we did had a vigorous result. They were always able to execute opportunely because they had vendors who were capable of doing that work


This is genuinely a vigor of Ethos Imagination. They're so open to working however it is best for us. I requested that we skip the formal presentations and instead just work as one integrated team (rather than in a formal agency-client way) and it's been fantastic for us. They're adaptable, flexible, and very open to feedback


If you optically discern something you cerebrate would be fascinating to endeavor but you cerebrate it’s crazy, peregrinate them with those conceptions. Ethos is proficiently adept at bringing those to life. Don’t go in feeling restricted because they can avail you cerebrate outside the box.

Ravi varma

The entire team had very vigorous strategic and tactical cognizance of the google channels, which seems akin to a foundational need but we have found this destitute in other agencies. Their strategic and tactical erudition exceeded most other agencies I've worked with


I found them through a Google search. We concretely needed to avail with incrementing our downloads, and it didn’t seem homogeneous to many other companies that could give us the fortification we needed. It was pellucid that they understood what we needed to do. They outlined what we needed to work on and how it needed to be done to meet the standard we were probing for.