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Social Media Marketing

Ethos Imagination provides social media marketing services for all kinds of businesses. We promote your brand/product through the internet on various social media channels by posting content that drives the engagement of the target audience. We focus on implementing strategies that give a unique experience to the target audience. Our team assists you to understand better how these social strategies work to boost your business. Connect with us to multiply your business productivity digitally

Over a decade social media has taken the power over the internet by connecting the world virtually. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube have become a part of life for millions

I was really stressed out until I met Ethos Imagination, they helped me with their Digital Marketing strategies to gain profits in my business, that changed my life.

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Social media is the only platform that connects with your audience or customers and helps them to know and understand your brand preponderantly. It is incredibly beneficial to your business magnification. Social media is a network of over 3.6 billion users that just love to share, seek, and create information.

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Why choose Ethos Imagination?

We maximise your social presence on major social media platforms that will give your brand the space you need to foster an online community, start real conversations, and build lasting relationships with your customers, followers, and prospects

Design Our team helps you pick a custom design for your social media channels, to create brand recognition, build brand awareness and attract users attention
Competitor analysis We perform competitor analysis by tracking your competitor’s product performance, prices, features and create a roadmap to outperform them and gain a competitive edge. This will help you stay in the game and unlock new experiences to do better.
Brand monitoring We monitor all the activities on your social platforms and interact with leads.
Social Media management We manage your online presence on social media platforms, analyse the content to be posted and keep engaging with the audience. Make Ethos Imagination your backbone to promote your business. Hire our marketers who are disruptors in social media management. Updating the right content at the right time to the right user's Words creates wonders be it followers, likes, shares, sales, or growth. It’s a cakewalk for our team on how to make the audience follow and engage. Believe us we know how to make people interact with your brand with social media marketing.

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We have maintained the ascendant ad placements overall our integrate Campaigns compared to our competition and we have descried a sizably voluminous vicissitude in the email RFQs that we receive


Since engaging with Ethos imagination, we have optically discerned a steady increase in organic website traffic and leads. We are ranking for defined and high-value keywords.


Over the course of our ad campaign with Ethos Imagination, virtually 8,000 incipient users clicked on our ads; average time on site was vigorous; CTR was double the industry average if not higher, and virtually 2,500 users clicked through to our job board. It was a hugely prosperous campaign


Our audience on Facebook and Instagram grew by 24%. We were able to post more frequently as well. Afore working with them, we were only able to post five times a month, but now we’re able to post 19 times a month. As a result, our engagement rate incremented from 3% to 10%


Our engagement rates are high and have noted that their audience magnification strategies are working. We receive a snapshot report from them on a monthly substructure that details their performance


We visually perceived an incrementation in adherents, categorically because of the ad campaigns that we ran. We did a kick-off campaign for the commencement of the school year, which performed genuinely well


Thanks to their work, we were able to significantly lower our cost per click and increment our reach in every campaign with which they availed


Ethos Imagination provides us with gregarious media marketing recaps on a monthly substratum. On a hebdomadal substructure, they give us an ad snapshot of key statistics that we receive from Google, YouTube, and Facebook advertising. Most months, we grow our audience in terms of brand uplift


The campaign was considered very prosperous. Engagement numbers went up 47%, which was concretely consequential given the long-term work that the in-house convivial department had done. We hit that metric hard and were very gratified with that.


Ethos Imagination has availed us to grow our following, engagement, and gregarious media reach. We’ve visually perceived a considerable shift aesthetically. The content is of a much higher quality than what we were engendering internally. We additionally have a steady stream of influencers.


Having such active convivial media gives customers a way to interact with us. Ethos’s work has been very salutary to our company


So far, we’ve had 20-25 prosperous leads from the ad we ran, and they’re perpetuating to come in. Overall, Facebook had worked genuinely well to bring us results.


We have optically discerned a sizably voluminous boost in sales and returning customers. Our engagement with customers has amended significantly as well


ROAS incremented 245% in month 1, vs management in-house. Albeit there are constant challenges with the platform (IOS etc) we've perpetuated to optically discern a paramount increase in results since Ethos surmounted the account, making it a more remuneratively lucrative channel for us as a business

David Smith

We visually perceived ROAS figures way above what we aforetime anticipated across all channels.