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Ethos Imagination provides Telemarketing services. Telemarketing hasn't been the way it was in the past. In contrast, it is the practice of calling potential customers to promote the sale of your goods and services by phone. It's an adaptable, cost-effective for small companies and statistically accountable marketing channel to attain lead generation. Since it can save time and money.

Data will pass on the names of people interested in your products or services to our sales teams, who will then decide to make a second contact and present them with information about your services or products. Utilized to follow up with your previous clients.

Ethos Imagination provides detailed information and research regarding potential leads and clients in our specific field. Their team was flexible for short-notice changes regarding our specifications

Dr Jandhyala Sastry
Types of Telemarketing

There are two types of Telemarketing:

Inbound Telemarketing: It involves managing calls that are generated by Direct mail, Radio Advertisements, Catalogues or Direct mail To inquire about your offerings or services.

Outbound Telemarketing: Companies make calls to the individual. When you reach out to your customers to promote your product or obtain their opinion about something,

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Find Out Your Target Market that You Are Trying to Reach

Spend time studying and know your market. Be sure to know the audience for your products and services. Make sure you update your Marketing List. for those who don't want unwanted calls.

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Different industries in need of marketing.

Such as Schools and colleges Marketing, Retail Marketing, Hotel Marketing, Hospital Marketing,B2C Marketing, Product Marketing, Real Estate Marketing Etc.

Advantages of Telemarketing

To determine customer's attention, here are a few ways in which Telemarketing has the upper hand over any other marketing strategy.

Human-to-Human Interaction:The Main benefit that Telemarketing offers over another method of Marketing clients directly is that it's a Human-to-Human interaction.

It is a great option: For small-scale businesses with a small budget.

Delivers Excellent Customer Services: To build loyalty and increase business.

More cost-effective: That can fit any budget.

Flexibility: The process of the direct contact of a customer,Instead of trying to make sales to them without thinking, you're offered the opportunity to gain insight.

Gauge Responses: You can assess and draw comparisons and quickly determine whether your marketing campaign was successful.

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They’re getting us very good information, so we’ve been able to increment sales through bringing more clients and in other ways. Ethos Imagination is very expeditious-paced and detailed, so it’s definitely been a positive experience.


They’ve maintained follow-through on all of the monitoring we’ve asked them to do. For the current quantifications, they’re performing as well as they could


we’re generally delectated with the partnership and the quality of work. We’re looking to expand the relationship and have them avail with another level of data accumulation.


While it’s hard to quantify the quality of work, I’ve been delectated with their accommodations. Their work liberates up time for me to be able to fixate on my primary operations. They process things accurately and in a timely manner, which is why I perpetuate to rely on them.


They exceeded our prospects. They're very cognizant and they were always available to address the requests from our users. They're located in the other part of the globe, so it was remotely outside of our comfort zone, but everything worked out very well


They were able to take care of our desires. They're very vigilant and customer-focused. If there was an issue, they responded expeditiously. I'd definitely recommend them.


The results for the 14 months we ran in conjunction with Ethos were record-breaking for our market. We landed major regional brands due to the involvement of Ethos Imagination conversations our sales teams could run with and the implementation support offered.


Since May 2021, we’ve had 17 qualified leads and engendered plenty of phone calls with incipient potential clients. We consider this as prosperity because our field has long sales cycles


We’ve received good contacts who’ve had initial interest and wanted to learn more about our company. Ethos provided us a very good number of leads in a pretty short period of time


We have been working with Ethos Imagination since mid-July 2021. Every quarter, the sales team has provided over 25 sales-qualified leads with booked appointments for our team to pursue


The team has generated 35 market-qualified leads and 10 sales-qualified leads to date. One of which is liable to become an incipient client in the near future.


We commenced working with Ethos Imagination at the terminus of July. They have been campaigning for about two months now. We have already visually perceived results with six sales-qualified leads being handed over to our team


In the last few months of our collaboration, Ethos Imagination has engendered several sales-qualified leads. Over the past month, progress has steadily incremented.


So far, within the past 3 months, the team has engendered 69 market-qualified leads and 19 sales-qualified leads that have been booked for appointments.


The project was prosperous in building up our network of referral partners and developing a clinic brand. We were able to commence operating in this incipient region with a client base already in place thanks to the Ethos Imagination’s marketing strategy.